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The Zombie Trailer Park presented by Ninja Kiwi is designed for the lovers of flash games with lots of interesting features. The aim of this game is killing zombies who try to take over and destroy the metropolis. The game features a typical setup of castle defense, which earns money continually to purchase different weapons and hire the manpower to deal with the zombies. You have to push them back to destroy their hold on the area. By killing zombies, you will be able to earn “Yeehaw” points that prove helpful to activate the special abilities to fight with the zombies and attack them strongly to win the game. The game consists of four stages and at every stage; you have to manage the fight with zombies and the economy of the city.

The game is an exciting and adventurous way for you to spend your time. If you are looking to increase the fighting spirit of your child, the game will be perfect for you. It is a strategic game because the player has to think about the available resources and manage the zombies as per these resources. The game is equally good for all people, and if you want to enjoy its striking infographics, then you should play it on your PC. The game is perfect to play in the comfort of your home. The initial level is quite easy, but as soon as you pass each level, gets ready to explore the new threats, challenges and adventures in the game.

Platforms for Zombie Trailer Park

The zombie trailer park is designed with zoomed-out perception, and you may have to use your large PC screens to play it. The game is small for the iDevices because you can miss lots of features of the game on the iPhone. You may not find that the exact location of the zombie and they may destroy your trailer park until you know about them. Still, you can enjoy a great game with lots of fantastic features. The top of anything is that the game is free to play. The constant updates help you to enjoy an excellent interface, but to increase the fun and adventure of your game, you can jump to the paid options. The Ninja Kiwi has designed this game with easy controls to finish the ever-growing horde of zombies.

Objective of the Game

The primary objective of the game is to fight with zombies, and the players have to defend their base by destroying the zombies base. The player gets different options to construct their base with the help of salvage yards, trailers, and other things for some extra people. You can make your army by creating shovel men, angry farmers, pickup trucks, machine guns and drunkards. The salvage yards will help you to earn extra money. If you have some spare time you must check scary game because its one of the most scariest but in the same time very fun flash online games database.

You can earn more and more Yee-Haw points by killing maximum zombies with the help of summoning. The summoning contains shovel men, angry farmers, tractors and chainsaws and bombs.

Though, you will get maximum tools and force to fight with zombies, but don’t underestimate the power of the zombie army because they have all kinds of zombies to fight with you. It will be a tough challenge for you to fight with the brain munchers and hooker zombies. A giant zombie catapult that throws the zombies into the battle from a distance. The game is quite interesting to play again and again because you will not get bored even at any stage. You can follow your strategies to beat the zombies. The game is designed with attractive colors and artwork to provide great detailing to the players to play the game. The interface and design are very pleasing to your eyes.

Mission of the Game

It is a fun game with lots of humor and will give you a valuable activity for your idle time. It is a killer game to kill the zombies with the help of the angry shovel-wielding, shotgun toting and other crazy men with active weapons. If you want to help the stickmen in the survival, then you should build different trailers. The brave stickmen will fight with the flesh eating zombies, and by earning money, you can increase the strength of your stickman army. You have to protect your trailer by making your army. The stickman helps you to survive from the dangerous zombies, and the maximum salvage yards mean maximum income. The money is always required to fight with the zombies.

The game is easy to control with the help of the mouse pointer, and you can control the angry army containing shovel-wielding, shotgun, and other weapons to defend your city. It is important to manage the money and hit the options to destroy the zombie at a faster rate before they destroy your army.

The first stage is a little bit easy, but the challenges may increase at each stage. You may unlock some special abilities at each stage that will help you to fight with zombies. It will not take any time to finish the game, but you have to think strategically and plan to attack zombies to compete with them at a faster rate. Zombocalypse is another Zombie Game that you will definitely like!


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